Avineni Kishore and Kaza Padmini Impact of Internet on Research

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Avineni Kishore and Kaza Padmini Impact of Internet on Research


The Internet has an enormous quantity of information, with billions of web pages. They may have a discussion on their research problem through Internet. Internet tools and sources provide excellent means for higher education and research. It will help the research workers from any part of the world to have a fruitful link with other research workers in any other part of the world. A research worker may have access to any current information from anywhere in the world through Internet. They may get the latest information on e-journals without losing/ wasting time. Presently, the research workers in any field of knowledge can get the relevant information through Internet connectivity exhaustively, efficiently and expeditiously. It reduces the traditional timings of research from three years to two years for doctoral degree scholars in Indian Universities. The Internet has made tremendous impact on the academic activities of the... Internet has proved to be a powerful aid for research.

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