A.B.M. Sharif Hossain Plant Cell and Tissue Culture Biotechnology

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A.B.M. Sharif Hossain Plant Cell and Tissue Culture Biotechnology


In vitro banana, broccoli,pineapple and hibiscus sp.cultures discussed. Different hormones effects like BAP, IBA, NAA and GA3 to regenerate the cell and... In addition to that Plant cell and DNA cloning, rDNA, T-DNA, DNA trasformation, molecular cloning related to cell culture are described mentioning different research data. Stem cell culture from muscle, skeletal and other cells is mentioned. Meristem culture, shoot tip culture and leaf culture, embryo culture, anther culture to generate callus as well as whole plant are discussed. Fundamental ideas and many research data are included in this book. This book highlights the plant cell and tissue culture, cell regeneration and stem cell. Cell suspension, protoplast culture, organogenesis and somatic embryogenesis are described well. I believe that this book will be helpful for the Undergraduate students, research students, and researchers who would like to study and innovate in their own study and research areas related to this topics.

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