Diane Maddex 50 Favourite Houses by Frank Lloyd Wright

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Diane Maddex 50 Favourite Houses by Frank Lloyd Wright


As 50 Favourite Houses by Frank Lloyd Wright shows, his ideal home took on an amazing variety of forms. Wright next ushered in the 20th century with his Prairie House, whose sheltering roofs and horizontal lines linked them to the earth; classics such as the Willits, Dana Thomas... To him it was the centre of all family life. Your home had more capacity to spread well-being, he said, than any cathedral or palace. From Wrights 300 house designs that were eventually built, this book visits fifty that have become world-wide favourites. Houses not skyscrapers, museums or schools remained Frank Lloyd Wrights favourite building type from the beginning to the end of his seventy-year career as an architect. Here, from the young architects first period, is his own home and studio in Oak Park, Illinois, an architectural laboratory for him over two decades. When he started his practice near the close of the 19th century, he saw a house as the embodiment of democracy and individual freedom.

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