Edited by David Nelken and Johannes Feest Adapting Legal Cultures

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Edited by David Nelken and Johannes Feest Adapting Legal Cultures


Many of the contributors focus on fundamental theoretical issues. Such problems are also discussed with reference to substantive and specific case studies. Why is the present wave of USA-influenced legal reforms in Latin Amercia apparently having more success than the previous round? Asia and Japan. What is the role of the state in producing socio-legal change? How and why did judicial review come late to the legal systems of Holland and Scandinavia? How is globalisation changing these conditions? What are the conditions of successful legal transfers? This exciting collection looks at the theory and practice of legal borrowing and adaptation in different areas of the world: Europe,the USA and Latin America, S.E. The chapters in this volume, which include a... What are legal transplants? How does competition between the legal and accountancy professions affect patterns of bankruptcy? When and why did Japanese rules of product liability come into line with those of the EU and the USA?

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