Poonam Sharma Livelihoods of IDPs

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Poonam Sharma Livelihoods of IDPs


This study aims to address the impacts of displacement on the livelihoods of IDPs. Livelihood assets changes among IDPs have different impact on IDP’s satisfaction with livelihood outcomes and their willingness to return which is determined by their livelihood... It analyses the changes in livelihood assets of IDPs due to displacement, factors explaining variations among the IDPs, impacts of livelihood asset change in livelihood outcomes of IDPs displaced in Kathmandu and Dang District. Prolonged conflict resulted massive internal displacement in Nepal soaring the number of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Nepal. IDPs with better economic background leading to investment on real estate are relatively less vulnerable than other IDPs. Complete transformation in the livelihoods of IDPs takes place due to positive and negative changes in their access to assets. IDPs’ income in the place of origin is one of the major factors explaining variation among IDPs in the place of displacement.

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