Mariana Jimsheladze The Euro-Med Partnership

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Mariana Jimsheladze The Euro-Med Partnership


This can be seen, for example, from migration issue, which represents a social burden and a threat of terrorism (especially after 2001 terrorist acts) for the EU. The issues concerning the EU foreign policy and the role it plays in the international system as one actor can be seen from the relations with Egypt and Morocco from the Mediterranean (particularly Southern Mediterranean) region under the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership umbrella. The Constructivist cover of European real political actions based on cost-beneficial calculations let the European Union member states avoid or control/manage the problems emanating from the region. Furthermore, European Unions activities can be said to be aimed at bringing the domination over the weak neighbours... Thus, it is used as an excuse for abusing the Constructivist set-up of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership in order to attain the short-term political security: that of political and economic contra the constructivist long-term approach.

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