Sananda Kundu Flood Studies

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Sananda Kundu Flood Studies


Assessment of damage has been done regarding crop cultivation, particularly paddy by RADARSAT data which inflicts huge losses to the farmers due to flood damage. Flood studies all over the world have become a crucial base to combat the extreme damage and loss. The lethal combination of larger flood extent, depth and duration can impose heavy toll on the economy and life of people. An effort has been made to do necessary calculation from the microwave data and collection of field information regarding flood inundation and recession pattern. An effective process has been thoroughly discussed in this book for identification and differentiation of flooded paddy fields from the remaining flooded land. To have a proper dimension of this extremely unpredictable event, Radar or SAR data are indispensable. Problems in executing these processes may stand as obstacle in the appropriate policy making.

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Стивенсон, Стив Агата Мистери. Сыщик против сыщика

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